Tracey and Peter’s story

Caring for their grandchildren

Tracey and Peter are grandparents who look after their four grandchildren. 

The family has experienced a period of extreme upheaval, with the Aunt of the children who was caring for them, suddenly passing away.

The childrens mother and father are unable to care for them due to mental health issues and so Tracey and Peter are suddenly coming to terms with caring for these young children, alongside dealing with their own serious health issues – Peter recently had a brain tumour removed and Tracey is recovering from breast cancer.

In order to help the children to settle after such a difficult time, Tracey and Peter needed to improve the childrens bedrooms, as the one bunk bed they had for them was falling apart and unsafe.

Buttle UK provided suitable beds and bedding for all of the children as well as providing after school clubs for them, meaning that the children can begin to enjoy being children and start to heal from the painful losses they have experienced.

Now the children sleep well every night and have something to look forward to the next day.


Photo by Brown and Rjp