Sleep well Donald

A bed or a washing machine - how do you decide?

Donald slept on a blow-up mattress that lost its air every night.  He could not sleep with his younger brother because he wets the bed or his mother because she only has a single bed, and his sister has to sleep with her anyway. Donald thinks he's used to it, but he does not sleep much and is really tired at school. In fact, the teacher was always on at him for falling asleep and not taking anything in. She said she is very disappointed in him because she thought he was a bright boy. Of course he was ashamed to tell the teacher he didn't have a bed.  He could not bring any pals home because he was too embarrassed, so slowly he stopped playing with them.  In fact, he thought it would be easier not to go to school at all. 

In 2014-2015 Buttle UK gave 295 beds and 283 washing machines to children in Scotland

He was ashamed to tell the teacher he did not have a bed

When Donald’s mum finally left her violent partner, she was allocated an empty council house away from all of her friends and family, but she’d have taken anything to escape.  The children had hardly any clothes because she had to leave in a hurry, and there was nothing in the new house. She just had an old washing machine, a cooker with only three working rings and a temperamental oven.  Still it was a new start.

Donald was very quiet and his mum hated that he did not have a bed of his own. She hopes that her other boy will stop wetting the bed soon - it is a real struggle to keep him clean and fresh with so little clothing and bedding.  He has just started school, and she wants him to settle and make friends. She really wants this move to work – but it’s so hard. Some days she struggles to get out of bed, her health visitor thinks she might be suffering from depression. 

Then her washing machine broke down. Donald’s mum could no longer keep the clean clothing coming fast enough.  She was juggling so many balls and felt desperate.  Then she got a phone call from the school.  Her son had been fighting in the playground, parents had complained, social work was involved. It turns out a child called him smelly... The balls fell.

Due to exceptional circumstances Buttle UK agreed to fund both a bed and a washing machine for Donald and his family, so they can start to feel better about each day.

Photo by Jason and Mikey/ CC BY

Donald's mum was allocated an empty council house away from all of her friends and family, but she’d have taken anything to escape