Helping Tom achieve his dream

Becoming a tree surgeon

Tom was orphaned at the age of one, he was very lucky to be placed with wonderful foster parents who encouraged his interest and passion about the great outdoors from young age. Tragically his foster parents have also died.

Living in a rural area Tom had been struggling to find work, he had a zero hours contract at a local warehouse, but some weeks got no work, he also did casual work for a local farmer when it was availible.

Tom's dream has always been to become a tree surgeon. However in such a potentially dangerous job there are training courses he has to complete before he can even secure work experience.

He had identified a local company who are happy to give him the experience once he has completed courses in using a chainsaw, tree climbing, aerial rescue, rope and harness training, use of wood chipper and first aid.

We agreed to fund all these courses with the promisse that once these were completed we would support him to upgrade his driving license so he could tow a trailer and we would provide him with a chainsaw and protective trousers so that he could start his career.

Photos by Rvannatta / CC BY