Rory’s challenging time

Getting back to normality quickly

When Rory and Nimah’s parents separated they lived with their mother. However she began to misuse alcohol and although she was offered support she was unable to sustain this. The authorities supported their father’s application for full residency.

Under the terms of the residency their mother was not allowed to make contact with the children, but as soon as Nimah reached 18 she was allowed to make her own choices and did occasionally visit.

There was a big problem, their father lived in a two bedroom flat and Nimah who was almost 18 could not share a room with her brother who was about to start secondary school.

Whilst the authorities found a new home for them it was unfurnished and a long way from anyone they knew. When their support worker approached Buttle all their meals were being cooked in a microwave and Rory had to share his father’s bed.

Buttle UK felt that a new bed and cooker would help Rory settle down, he was greatly unsettled by losing contact with her and had moved away from many of his friends, getting back to something of a normal life as quickly as possible was vital for his wellbeing. 

Photo by John M / CC BY