Robin’s story

Bereavement and a new baby

Julie and her one year old baby, Robin, have suffered a difficult time recently.

Robin’s father recently passed away and Julie is trying to cope with this bereavement as well as looking after Robin.

Unfortunately, Julie's name wasn’t on the tenancy agreement when her husband passed away and so they were at risk of homelessness. Although they have lost their home they have now been relocated to supported accommodation. However, Julie is still on the waiting list for a bereavement counsellor and has a £1500 debt from her husbands funeral to pay.

Knowing Julie is all that baby Robin has and worried for her mental health, her social worker approached Buttle UK for support in helping her set up her new home, particularly for items that will help her to care for Robin’s needs.

Buttle UK was able to provide Julie with funding for baby equipment for Robin including safety gates for their home to keep her safe as she is starting to crawl.

With some of the basics sorted, Julie can now focus on making their home happier after a difficult time.