Raj’s story

'My words cannot express the admiration I have for what you did for me'

From a young age, Raj experienced racial abuse both verbally and physically at school. 

This caused him deep distress and due to this, the eczema he suffered from flared up so badly that he had to bandage his face at night as it was bleeding, causing him extreme discomfort and continually disrupting his sleep.   

At home, things were bad too, his mother and father were divorced and his younger brother has autism. At this stage, Raj was in great need of additional support as, although he enjoyed education, he was not enjoying school because of bullying and his anxiety about home.  Raj and his mother approached a local boarding school and managed to secure a part-bursary, however Raj required additional support as his mother's income was not able to cover the balance entirely. Buttle UK agreed to fund the rest of Raj's boarding school fees, giving him a chance to focus on his education and learn alongside like minded peers. 

I'm an exceptionally fortunate person to be able to be granted such awe inspiring prospects for my future and the rest of my life.

- Raj

Raj showed a great aptitude for science and went on to study Biomedical Science at university. Having recently enrolled onto a Chinese language course he now aspires to travel to China. 

With the help of Buttle UK, Raj has taken his life back into his own hands and is doing extremely well, flourishing both academically and socially and working hard to make the most of the opportunities he has been offered. 

'My words cannot express the admiration I have for what you did for me'