Max and Shaun’s story

Finding a way to heal

This family of a mother and her two sons, Max and Shaun, were subject to domestic abuse for a number of years, having now relocated to a new home they are looking forward to starting a new life together.

However, their new home was a shell and had no white goods, beds, furniture or even curtains. Not only were Buttle UK able to assist with some of these essential items, we were also interested in helping the two young boys in moving on from their harrowing experiences in life so far.

Max, the older of the two sons, experiences extreme anxiety issues and mentioned that music helps with easing this. Buttle UK was able to provide guitar lessons for Max, to help him learn to cope with his anxiety in a way that he enjoys.

Shaun expressed an interest in boxing and so Buttle UK was able to fund a years worth of classes for him, in order for him to make new friends within the community and learn a new skill.

Now the family are able to begin moving on from the trauma they experienced and look forward to a better future together