Josh’s story

Starting to enjoy his independence

Josh is 19 and has lived on his own for the past two years. He experiences troubled at home from a very early age, with his mother pursuing a string of abusive and disruptive relationships that caused him deep emotional strain.

During this difficult time in Josh’s life, he wasn’t engaged in his education and became increasingly involved in groups of people that were having a bad influence on him and were involved in crime.

After a particularly serious argument with his mother, Josh decided to leave home for good and sofa surfed for a long while until he was placed in supported housing.

Having left school with no GCSE’s, Josh felt he wanted to pursue more practical training and heard from his friend about a construction course in a city nearby.

- Josh's caseworker

Josh was able to secure a place and had four weeks training before starting work. Unfortunately, however, the travel costs meant that he often had to choose between going to work and eating and so often had to miss key training days. This absence was causing his management team issues and josh feared of losing his job.

Buttle UK was able to provide immediate support and help Josh with three months worth of travel, before the site he is working on is due to change to a more local area. With this additional support, Josh is now able to use his spare income to eat properly and begin to enjoy his independence.