Helping Gladys do the right thing

A life can change in an instant

Gladys was a 55 widow with 3 grown up children.  She was working and quite secure although didn’t really have any savings as such.  Two of her children were settled and doing well but she was estranged from Hayley, her youngest daughter, and her children because she fell prey to heroin addiction and would have nothing more to do with Gladys when she refused to give her money.  This broke her heart.  She was her daughter and she loved her. 

Buttle has received £30,000 from cash for Kids to assist Kinship families in Scotland.

Out of the blue Gladys was contacted by a social worker.  Hayley had OD’d – she was in a coma – if Gladys did not take the children they would be placed in care.  Even though she hadn’t seen these children for months of course she took them in.  They had nothing – and she had nothing for them. Gladys took time of work and spent what little she had on beds and clothes.  Hayley improved but the social worker said that the children could not return to her.  Gladys had to give up work to care for them and exist on benefits. She had become a Kinship Carer.

Gladys was suddenly poor and when her fridge freezer broke down she simply could not afford to replace it, so Buttle UK did. Relieving parents of immediate financial stress frees them to tackle other problems in their family and move on. 

 Photo by Kim Thornton / CC BY