Help for Gary, Stevie and their grandparents

Grandparents that care

Gary and Stevie’s grandparents stepped in to care for them as their mum has mental health issues that mean she is unable to care for them properly.

The grandparents try to keep them in contact with her but it ends up unsettling the boys badly. The grandmother’s health is not good and at times she needs oxygen, the sight of her using it upsets the children greatly and she thinks they are always worried that she’s about to die.

Gary’s bed has broken, meaning that he has to share with Stevie, meaning that neither of them get a good nights sleep and that they are embarrassed to bring friends home after school. The grandparents are struggling financially and cannot afford to replace bed.

Stevie is finding school tough so his grandparents have been finding money for some tutoring to help him keep up.
Buttle UK have agreed to give Gary a new bed and support Stevie’s tutoring for a while so that life isn’t a constant struggle.

Photos by Newton Free Library / CC BY