Giving Julia a leg up

Finding a turning point in a crisis

Julia’s mother left the family when she was seven, she was brought up by her father. When she was 16 had an accident that caused major brain damage, he would lie on the floor and kick and scream. Julia had no support, she described her life as total chaos, she started taking miaou – an illegal substance and refused all help until she was offered emergency bed and breakfast.

Whilst in the B&B Julia reflected and decided this wasn’t the life she wanted to lead, she sought out a drugs project and stopped taking drugs. After 18 months in supported lodgings Julia was offered a tenancy. We gave Julia a small cash grant that she used to buy second hand items for her flat.

Julia was given support to start a child care training course and has now completed levels 1 & 2, she is hoping to start level 3 soon. As the course was placement based she was rarely in college and didn’t have the opportunity to type up her assignments meaning it would take her much longer to complete the course than she really needed.

We agreed to provide a laptop and printer, as well as a travel card so that she could easily get to college, placements and visit her father in his care home. We also felt it was important that she had a small budget for a winter coat and warm clothes.

Photos by Emily Goodstein/ CC BY