Daniel’s story

Finding a way to heal

Sharon was mentally and physically abused by her partner for years. 

Her young son Daniel often witnessed this abuse and it took a huge toll on his emotional wellbeing, becoming anxious and withdrawn, he received CAMHS therapy for a short while.

After moving in to a new house away from the perpetrator, the families social worker recommended a performance art class for Daniel, so that he could express his feelings instead of them building up inside and causing his anxiety and frustration.

Sharon took Daniel along to a class and experienced his joy in being there first hand

Unfortunately, Sharon was unable to pay for the classes and so Buttle UK was able to provide funding for Daniels classes allowing him to express himself and make new friends in the community. We also helped to provide some items for their new home, so that Daniel felt more calm and settled, so now he can begin to heal and look forward to the future.