Annie’s story

Finding time to focus on herself

At age 14 Annie, her two siblings and her mother fled their community,

due to domestic violence, to start afresh. 

Relocating to Wales, they were optimistic about their future however upon joining a new school Annie was severely bullied and so found attendance difficult.

Her mother was then diagnosed with Behcets disease and struggled to cope with caring for her three children. 

Annie then became her two younger siblings carer and between this and studying, fell behind in school. 

By the time Annie turned 16 her relationship with her mother had broken down and she knew she had to try and take back her life and so she left home and eventually secured supported accommodation and grades to get into a course in college.

Annie enjoyed focusing on learning for the first time in her life and wanted to pursue a job in animal care. Living in such a rural area, there were plenty of opportunities available, but none that she could access easily. Buttle UK helped Annie with driving lessons, so that she can flourish in her independence and access work and training.

We also provided funding for swimming classes, so that Annie can keep fit and healthy and deal with the anxiety she can experience in an enjoyable way.


Photo by SSUK