Alana’s story

Making a life for herself alone

Alana moved to Wales at the age of seven from northern England. During her childhood Alana was sexually abused by her stepfather. 

In addition to the sexual abuse Alana also had an emotionally abusive childhood where she was virtually imprisoned in her home and allowed no friends. She was made to do all the house work. She was physically abused by both her mother and stepfather. At the age of 16 Alana disclosed the sexual abuse to her school who disclosed to her mother. Her mother did not believe her and so Alana left the family home.

She sofa surfed for some time before being referred to one of our partner organisations. Alana found it very hard to talk about her past and broke down many times during interviews. She has suffered mental health problems for many years and has also self harmed.

Despite all this Alana kept going with her education and after A levels secured a place at University. She hopes to follow this up with a PGCE and become a teacher.

We gave her a small grant to set up her accommodation at Uni as well as a grant that covers a laptop and printer, stationary, some clothing and boxes to pack her things in when she moved to Uni. 

Photos by Cdbrice00/ CC BY