Professional racing driver Jody Fannin challenges himself to 24 hours on the M25!

24th May 2017

The M25’s first ever 24-hour endurance driving challenge will take place this June attempting to set the record for longest distance travelled on the M25 in 24 hours by staying within the speed limits! 

‘Spacesuit Orbital Run’ is not about winning, it’s about survival!

The mission is to get as close as possible to the theoretical maximum distance that can be covered in a 24-hour period without breaking any posted speed limits, 1680 miles. Roadworks, traffic jams and temporary speed limits will create a driving challenge unlike any other.

Starting at Clacket Lane Service Station at 4pm on Saturday 3rd June, the drivers will attempt to complete 24 hours of continuous driving around the notorious ring road M25 finishing at 4pm on Sunday 4th June.
Driving to support the Chances for Children campaign is Jody Fannin who drives for Ferrari team JMW Motorsport in the 2017 European Le Mans Series is one of the sport’s rising stars and one of the youngest British Racing Driver’s Club (BRDC) members - he will be behind the week of a BMW i8 hybrid supercar!

Life however was not always in the fast lane for Jody!  Born prematurely at only 29 weeks, it was touch and go whether he would indeed survive. Jody’s story is really one of triumph over adversity!

That's why Jody has chosen to support the Chances for Children campaign, as he realises that not all children are so lucky. 

Please support Jody in this fantastic challenge, by visiting his Just Giving page, here.

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