Support for families

What can Buttle UK help with?

The Anchor Project supports children who have unmet emotional, social or educational needs because of domestic abuse they have been exposed to. We can help reduce the impact domestic abuse can have on a child by funding items, activities or services to help them move forward with their lives and establish a new home.

How we help

See how we helped two families set up new homes and start to rebuild their lives after escaping domestic abuse.


This scheme is only appropriate if a child is experiencing lasting emotional, social or educational difficulties due to domestic abuse. If their only need is to establish a home you should apply here.

Emotional and Social needs

Exposure to domestic abuse can impact on how a child processes their feelings, interacts with others and can affect their mental health. They often experience significant upheaval, losing everything familiar to them. They may need help adjusting to their new surroundings and coming to terms with their experiences.

Some examples of how we can help tackle these issues include:

  • Therapy – for example art therapy or play therapy
  • After school clubs to help them integrate into a community or build relationships with their peers
  • Activities that allow a child to explore their feelings e.g. drama or art club

Things to consider

Is the child demonstrating any emotional issues, for example withdrawal, depression or lacking self-confidence?

Do they have a safe space to talk about their feelings?

Are they isolated or struggling to adapt because they have moved away from their family and friends?

Do they need an outlet to help manage behavioural or emotional difficulties?

Is their relationship with their parent or siblings a positive one?

Household needs

We understand that families are often forced to flee their homes in a hurry, leaving many of their personal belongings behind. That’s why we can also help set up a home as part of the grant. We can consider things such as:

  • Critical home furniture such as a child’s bed or cooker
  • Items to decorate or personalise a child’s bedroom
  • Toys
  • Baby equipment
  • Help with moving costs

Things to consider

Does the family have the basic essentials needed to take care of the child’s fundamental needs?

Does the child have things to stimulate them in the home?

Do they feel safe and secure in their new bedroom?

Educational needs

Domestic abuse can seriously disrupt a child’s education. We can help by offering support including paying for:

  • Books and educational toys
  • School uniforms
  • Tutoring lessons
  • Homework club

Things to consider

Has their schooling been significantly disrupted?

Are they behind their peers in school?

Do they have all the tools they need to excel in school?

Are they eligible?

Who can we help

Children aged 18 or under living with parent(s) or carer(s) and young people aged 20 and under who:

  • Have recently experienced domestic abuse and are in the rehousing or post-housing stages
  • Are living in a Greater London Borough or in Birmingham or the West Midlands or have lived there immediately prior to living in their current home
  • Are in financial hardship
  • Are receiving on-going, regular support from a professional organisation
  • Are normally resident in the UK with the intention to remain in the country long term

Applicants must have already exhausted all other sources of public funds for which they are eligible, including their Local Authority’s Welfare Provision Scheme. You can find your local scheme on the Child Poverty Action Group Website

We are unable to help

  • Children who are Looked After by the Local Authority
  • Where there is any other clear statutory responsibility for meeting their needs

If your client is not eligible for this funding stream there are others here

Key stats

Applications approved


London boroughs we've given grants in

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Applications must be completed by an organisation that is supporting the family or young person and is capable of assessing their needs. The referrer should also be able to administer and supervise the grant on our behalf.

Don’t have a support worker?

We can consider a broad range of requests provided it is demonstrated to meet the needs of the child or young person. While Buttle UK has to work within specific criteria, we also aim to provide a flexible grant programme to assist those most in need.

What support do they need for their;

Emotional and Social needs

Household needs

Educational needs

Please note you must commit to sending us receipts for each item purchased with the grant.

If you are unsure as to whether we will be able to consider your request and you wish to discuss a case prior to making an application please contact us on or 0207 828 7311

This scheme is only appropriate if a child is experiencing lasting emotional, social or educational difficulties due to domestic abuse. If their only need is to establish a home you should apply here


If you are unable to access the online form

We are very grateful to both the City of London Corporation’s charity, City Bridge Trust for their support of our work in London as well as Comic Relief for their support in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

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