Support for families

What can Buttle UK help with?

In collaboration with the BBC Children In Need Emergency Essentials Programme we provide swift support worth up to around £300 for families or young people living in crisis.

Emergency essentials

We can deliver or fund critical household items such as:

  • Gas or electric cookers
  • Essential household items, furniture and kitchen equipment
  • Clothing in exceptional or emergency situations
  • Baby equipment
  • Fridges and freezers
  • Washing machines
  • Children’s beds and bedding

Things to consider:

  • Our maximum grant is around £300
  • We are normally only able to assist with one item per application
  • We aim to be flexible to assist those most in need, if you are unsure whether your request will meet our criteria please contact us
  • Facing financial hardship alone does not make a client eligible for our support; to be considered they need to be facing additional social welfare issues and suffering deprivation as a result.
  • Social welfare issues could include: domestic abuse, drug/alcohol misuse, estrangement, illness, distress, abuse, neglect and behavioural or mental health issues.

How we helped Hayley:

Hayley used to share a bed with a sister who tragically died, the bed was full of fleas and bed bugs and brought back bad memories. We gave her a new bed.

How we helped James and Casey:

18-year-old James took on the care of his 10-year-old sister Casey after their mum died of cancer. Still studying he was just about making ends meet, until the washing machine broke down. We gave them a new one.

How we helped Tyler, Nathalie and Susie:

Tyler, Nathalie and Susie’s parents suffer with severe depression and their home has major damp and mould problems. They had no clean clothes to wear and were bullied at school because the ones they had smelt. We funded new school uniforms and warm clothes and hope the bullying will stop.

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Buttle UK expects applicants to have exhausted all other sources of public funds before applying. You can search for your Local Authority’s Welfare Provision Scheme on the Child Poverty Action Group website. We can usually only supply one item, if your client needs more we suggest you look for other sources of charitable support using the Grant Search tool on the Turn2us website.

Are they eligible?

Who can we help

  • Children aged 18 or under living with parents or carers
  • Young people aged 20 years and under who are living independently who are estranged or orphaned.

We are unable to help

  • Children whose care is the responsibility of the local authority.
  • Adults aged 21 and over
  • Parents who are not the main carer for the child
  • Young people leaving care who can access funding under the provisions of The Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000
  • Families and young people who are non-EU residents on a student or work visa
  • Families or young people not normally resident in the UK

It is unlikely that a grant will be considered within a 12 month period of a previously successful application.

If your client is not eligible for this funding stream there are others here

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Applications must be completed by a support worker who is part of an organisation that is supporting the family or young person and is capable of assessing their needs. Their organisation should also be able to administer and supervise the grant on our behalf.

Don't have a support worker?

Buttle UK has to work within specific criteria whilst aiming to provide a flexible grant programme to assist those most in need. Please read our criteria before applying.

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