Turning Points

22nd July 2016

Today we launch 'Turning Points', a summary economic impact assessment of targeted, timely intervention grants for children and young people living in crisis. The assessment demonstrates the rationale behind our Chances for Children appeal, which aims to raise £20 million over the next five years to fund the increase in the number and size of Buttle UK's grants. 

The study assesses the impact this increased grant giving programme will have on three of society’s most vulnerable groups:

  • Struggling families

  • Families escaping domestic abuse

  • Estranged young people 

Key findings of the assessment were as follows: 

  • Our economic impact assessment has found a benefit-to-cost ratio of approximately 6:1 - meaning for every £1 spent on these grants, over £6 of public expenditure savings and additional public revenues could be achieved.
  • The analysis shows that a single £1,500 grant to a struggling family could make an average public expenditure saving of £8,923 over 15 years.  
  • The aim of the Chances for Children appeal is to raise £20 million.  Turning Points predicts this would create savings of £110 million over 15 years on education, health, policing and social welfare spending. 
  • In addition, it estimates £22 million generated in PAYE, National Insurance and indirect taxes on employee expenditure resulting from Buttle UK beneficiaries entering or returning to the workplace.  This amounts to a total benefit to the State of up to £133 million over a 15 year period. 
  • The three groups studied could be better off themselves by £37 million over the course of 15 years.

We see every day that by making a targeted intervention at the right time for a family or child, providing a small grant for something that many of us may take for granted, can set a child’s life on a completely different trajectory.

- Gerri McAndrew, Chief Executive, Buttle UK

We are calling on the UK Governments and other policy makers to engage with us and explore further the impact of small amounts of tailored, targeted and timely funding in lifting the most vulnerable in society out of crisis and helping them transform their lives.

Download a summary of the report here

Download the full report here

Turning Points demonstrates the positive impact that targeted timely intervention grants, delivered to meet the needs of the individual, can have by improving the life chances of children in crisis as well as delivering savings to public spending. 

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