The Big Give

27th November 2018

This Chistmas, Buttle UK is teaming up with the Big Give to give our supporters the chance to double the impact of their donations and help provide beds for the nearly 400,000 children in the UK who could be without a bed.

This year there will be many children across the UK who Santa will not visit. There are 4.1m children living in poverty in the UK, that’s 30% of all children, and many of these will be getting by without even the most basic of essentials that many of us take for granted.

What Buttle UK does for struggling families and young people is simple but life-changing: pay for things that they could not otherwise afford. Through our Chances for Children grants we can remove some of the barriers to a positive childhood and help to ensure their safety, development and education.

Take one example, last year Buttle UK gave out over 3,000 children’s beds.  We estimate that as many as 400,000 children in the UK do not have their own bed to sleep in, and instead are sleeping on the floor, in a bed that is broken or sharing with siblings or parents.  This leads to a lack of sleep, which affects behaviour and impacts on educational attainment. In the 21st century this is something we must surely act to prevent.

Through our Beds for Kids campaign, launched earlier this year, we have already given out another 3,000 beds but the need is so great, we want to do more.

Will you help pay for a bed for a child this Christmas?

Buttle UK is delighted to be part of the Big GiveThe Big Give will double any donation made to Buttle UK during the period 27th November to 4th December. Click here to support our campaign.

As the Big Give doubles all gifts, a donation of…

  • £25 will mean £50 of bedding goes to a child
  • £75 will mean a bed worth £150 goes to a child
  • £150 will mean 2 children receive beds
  • £200 will mean 2 children will receive both beds and bedding

The legacy left to us by our founder, Frank Buttle, allows us to cover our own administration costs.  This means every penny you donate, and the matched funds, will go directly towards providing a bed for a child that really needs it.

Buttle UK is grateful to The Billington Group and The Childhood Trust for their generous support of the campaign.

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