Need for beds by area

22nd May 2018


National breakdown of the number of children without beds

Buttle UK estimates that 400,000 children across the UK are living without a bed. There are no publically available figures on the number of children that need a bed. Buttle UK typically support 10,000 families a year and in around a third of these a child needs a bed. We therefore think, given these high volumes, that it is reasonable to extrapolate the data.  So by applying our numbers to the 4 million children living in poverty we have been able to estimate the 400,000 figure.

From this we used data on the number of children living in poverty locally from the End Child Poverty Campaign. Because their methodology is different from the one used to calculate the official figure of 4.1 million, their overall total is lower at 3.6 million. What we have therefore done is used the percentage of children from the ECP data classed as living in poverty in each local authority and applied that to our 400,000 figure to give the number needing a bed in each area.

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