Impact Update - Italian Job 2019

26th November 2020

Being part of the 30th Anniversary of the Italian Job was a truly incredible experience. We are so grateful for everyone’s efforts in fundraising and the results was an outstanding £190,240.14. Everyone at Buttle UK wants to share their appreciation for the generous support of all the teams along with their friends and family.

Since last November, we have been working to distribute the funds raised through our Chances for Children grants - supporting the specific needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged children and helping them have a real chance for change. To date we have distributed 97% of the funds raised, and we wanted to share what you have helped us achieve. This has been particularly important over the last 7 months during the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. The families that Buttle UK supports were already very vulnerable, but the crisis has put them under even more pressure.

Your efforts have supported 150 grants, reaching 313 children and young people struggling with poverty and crisis across the UK. You have funded grants in 65 different local authorities, focusing spending as local as possible to where Jobbers live, while also responding to where funds were most needed across the country.

Each grant is a unique package of support to meet the specific needs of children and young people designed to improve their home environment, their education and their social development and wellbeing. Our grants typically reach up to £2000 per household but will vary in size depending on the needs of children, families or the young person. Some grants we have given over the last year, have been released in phases, so smaller amounts may represent portions of grants, and additional support will be provided when it is needed.

The funds from the Italian Job was especially critical as lockdown began in March of 2020. This left many children, families and young people spending hours and hours in homes that were ill-equipped for their comfort, entertainment, and education. Your support helped us to continue, without pause, to meet the needs of these families through these unprecedented times. 

Our grants are made up of essential items (beds, school uniforms, etc.) that all children need, but that some parents and carers cannot afford, along with extra resources children need to overcome trauma and realise their potential. By focusing on children’s social and emotional wellbeing, and their engagement in education we can give them a real chance for change.  

Here is a breakdown of items and activities we have funded to date through the 30th Anniversary Italian Job.

Summary of grant items

IT Equipment£27,962

Sport, Art, Music and Leisure Activities


Home Appliances


Bed a/o Bedding

Home Furnishing£10,164
Storage Furniture£9,430

Travel Costs


Educational Toys and Books

Activities for the Family£6,578
Children's Clothing£4,721
Carpeting and Flooring£3,900
School Uniform and Equipment£2,190
Discretionary Family Payment£1,891
School uniform£1,433
School Trip£1,360

Safety and Special Equipment

Work Material and Equipment£815
Course Material£776

Home Decoration


Course materials / school equipment




Note: The overall total raised included £30,000 in matched funding from an anonymous donor, the information above represents the funds that come directly from Jobbers’ fundraising.

As you can see, IT equipment has been the top item awarded this past year. Buttle UK has recognised for a long time that in today’s world, access to IT at home is no longer a luxury, but an essential if children are to keep up with homework and school assignments. The current pandemic has only served to highlight the ‘digital divide’ across this country. The Government created a laptop scheme earlier in the year for disadvantaged children, but this has so far only provided enough equipment to reaching 4 in 10 of the children who qualified for them. We have been one of the few places that children and young people can turn to and access this vital piece of educational equipment beyond the Government scheme.

It’s often the personal cases that really brings our work to life. Many of the stories we hear every day are just like Sarah, Jeremy and Scott, who were supported through Jobber’s fundraising efforts:

Thank you again to everyone who participated and support the 2019 Italian Job, and helped make the 30th Anniversary an incredible fundraising year. While 2020 has presented many challenges, we very much hope to see you at the events planned for 2021, which promises to offer some exciting new ways for Jobbers to get together for a fun time and a good cause.

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