Support for young people

What can Buttle UK help with?

We can provide financial help to young people who receive no support from their parents or guardians so that they can further their education or employment. To apply the young person must have a clear education, training or employment goal that they are pursuing or intend to pursue within three months of their application to us. We can provide direct financial support to meet this goal, and also help them to set up home and/or to improve their emotional, mental or physical wellbeing. Each package of support can be worth up to £2,000.

Education, employment and training

Having considered what the young person’s employment or training goals are, work with them to create a plan of what steps they need to take and what things they will need to achieve these goals. Some of the things that we would consider supporting include, but are not limited to:

  • Equipment to take up a training opportunity
  • Interview clothes
  • A computer for their studies
  • Travel costs to get to college

Things to consider

Items or services requested must be essential to the young person accessing or fully engaging in their education or employment goal. They must form part of a clear strategy to helping the young person improve their circumstances.

Setting up home

Research shows that having stable accommodation is a key factor in re-engaging young people with education or employment. Part of our funding can be used to help a young person set up a comfortable home environment. This could include, but again is not limited to:

  • Bed and bedding
  • Cooker
  • Fridge
  • Pots and pans

Things to consider

If your client only requires household goods please click here

Improving emotional and physical well-being

Maintaining positive overall emotional and physical wellbeing are also important to young people’s success when pursuing their education or employment goals. So part of our funding can also be used to help access interests or activities that help promote a young person’s wellbeing such as:

  • Recreational or social activities
  • Sports or gym membership
  • Counselling

Things to consider

If the young person is struggling with their mental health, is isolated or lacking in self- confidence, please tell us how we can help. Please note we are unable to offer grants in this category without an education, training or employment goal.

How we helped George:

George was forced to leave home after a falling out with his stepfather. With nobody to offer support and no place to go, George was homeless and moved between B&Bs and hostels with no permanent place to stay. He eventually found a 1-bedroom flat and was accepted onto a course in Creative Media, Graphics and Animation. He was starting to get his life back on track but some key barriers stood in his way.

We awarded items essential for him to study his course including a laptop with Photoshop, art materials, a year’s Internet connection and laptop insurance.
How else we can help with education, training or employment needs

A bed and washing machine to make his flat feel more comfortable
How else we can help with setting up home

A year’s gym membership and clothing to help develop his self-confidence and improve his overall wellbeing
How else we can help with wellbeing

How we helped George


Are they eligible?

Who can we help

To be considered for support, the young person must be:

  • Age 16-20
  • Estranged or orphaned and living outside the family home, receiving little or no financial or emotional support from family members
  • In financial hardship
  • Pursuing a defined goal in relation to education, training or employment, with evidence of the course or action being taken.
  • Working closely with support services
  • Normally resident in the UK with the intention to remain in the country long term
  • Applicants must have ensured that every effort has been made to check that a statutory, education or governmental body cannot fund the activity or item being requested.

We are unable to help

  • Children who are Looked After by the Local Authority
  • Where there is any other clear statutory responsibility for meeting the needs we have been approached to support

If your client is not eligible for this funding stream there are others here



This application must be completed by a support worker in collaboration with the young person.

Don’t have a support worker?

Make sure you have considered all the help available:

What support do they need for their;

Education, employment and training needs

Setting up home

Improving emotional and physical well-being

Both parties must agree to the plan. Once the application has been received Buttle UK will assess it and a telephone interview arranged with the young person.

You must commit to sending us receipts for each item purchased with the grant.

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