Support for Boarding

What is the Buttle UK Boarding programme?

Buttle UK can contribute towards a boarding place when there is an ongoing crisis within the family home which means a young person cannot stay at home with their parent or carer.

We work with partner schools to build fully funded packages so young people can attend boarding schools and benefit from a safe environment, and families can work on improving situations at home.

To find out more about why we do this work and the benefits and impact it can have for young people, please click here

Who can Buttle UK help?

We can help children and young people growing up in financial hardship and aged 11-18, who are affected by at least one or several of the following:

  • Disadvantaged by limited parenting capacity and at risk of family breakdown
  • Who live in single parent / carer families or where there are two parents but one or both is severely incapacitated by illness or disability
  • Severe social, emotional or health problems within the family

Every case is assessed individually. Please be aware that we may not be able help, even if you meet all criteria. We will prioritise funding placements for younger children and are unlikely to fund sixth form placements

Who can’t Buttle UK help?

  • Where there is a two parent family and no severe parental illness, disability or limited capacity
  • When it is unsafe for a child to return home during school holidays and there is no support plan in place to address this
  • When a school has been chosen for a particular type of education, this might be sport, drama or music
  • When a child’s needs could reasonably be met within the state day school system
  • Where the child or young person lives or normally resides outside the UK
  • Where poverty is the only factor

How we helped Jolene:

Jolene’s mum was drug dependent and unable to take care of her. Her dad died many years ago. Her Social Worker thought it was likely Jolene would go into care. Jolene’s grandfather said he would like to look after her, but he was having treatment for cancer and was going back and forth to hospital. By helping to fund a place at a state boarding school Jolene did not go into care, could stay with her grandfather whenever possible, and is flourishing in her new school.

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How we helped George


How do I apply?

  • Complete and submit the online application
  • If successful a home visit will be undertaken to find out more about your situation
  • We will then consider your case and if successful you will be advised of the award
  • Our partner school understand why we help young people into boarding places and wants to help in the same way. They work with us to support the right young person into the right school place
  • If you have a school in mind that is not currently a partner school of ours, we can approach them as part of the application process to see if they want to work with us


Apply Here

If you need further information please contact:
Andrew Walters, Grants Development Officer - Support for boarding
020 7798 6233