School fees

What can Buttle UK help with?

We can consider a contribution to boarding school fees when there is a strong case as to why a child cannot stay within the family home with their parent or carer.

Boarding school fees

We fund boarding fees when there is a strong case as to why a child cannot stay within the family home with their parent or carer.


What age of child can apply?

They must be over 11 years of age.

Is renewal automatic?

If family circumstances don’t change then the grant is likely to be renewed until the end of year 11 and in exceptional circumstances can be extended until the end of year 13.

Where else can I get funds?

There are a number of other charities listed on that may be able to help.

When do applications open?

You can apply from the January before the child expects to start their new school.

Day school fees

Buttle UK no longer awards grants towards the cost of fees for day school.

This scheme ended on March 1st 2016.

How we helped Jolene:

Jolene’s mum was drug dependent and unable to take care of her. Her dad died many years ago. Her Social Worker thought it was likely Jolene would go into care. Jolene’s grandfather said he would like to look after her, but he was having treatment for cancer and was going back and forth to hospital. By helping to fund a place at a state boarding school Jolene did not go into care, could stay with her grandfather whenever possible, and is flourishing in her new school.

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How we helped George


Is the young person eligible?

Who can we help

We can help children and young people who are aged between 11 and 18, who are either:

  • Adopted;
  • Cared for by grandparents, relatives or friends;
  • From single parent families;
  • With two carers, where one is very severely incapacitated through illness or disability.

We are unable to help

  • Where there is a reasonable possibility that the needs of the young person can be met within the state day system, perhaps through a change of school;
  • A school has been chosen for a particular type of education, such as sport, drama or music;
  • The sole grounds of the application are that the child or young person has a learning or developmental difficulty for which special facilities may be available at a fee paying school;
  • The young person is in Local Authority Care, or where there is any other clear statutory responsibility;
  • The young person does not have settled immigration status in the UK;
  • The young person lives or normally resides outside of the UK.

Key Stats

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Apply Here

If you have difficulties accessing the online form or need further information please contact:

Andrew Walters, Grants Development Officer - School Fees
020 7798 6233