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Buttle UK was founded because of the legacy of Frank Buttle. It was an amazing way to make an impact on young people and families in crisis, a cause he cared so deeply about. His original plan was to create an endowment that could launch 1,000 children from poverty into life. By investing his legacy carefully we have been able to able to grow his endowment so that now we make over 10,000 grants to families and young people in crisis each year, a figure we hope Frank would be proud of.

We realise that you will want to take care of those you love first, but we are greatly honoured that you are also thinking about a gift to help families in crisis now and in the future.

What you can give to Buttle UK

  • A percentage, or residuary, gift – you may wish to give a percentage of your will to Buttle UK, or the remainder of your estate after you have provided for loved ones.

  • A cash, or pecuniary, gift – a specific sum of money.

  • A gift of a named asset, such as property or art that we can sell on your behalf.

  • A gift of shares, please do mention if you wish us to sell the shares immediately or add them to our endowment which will be managed to ensure that they can support young people for generations to come.

How to leave Buttle UK a gift in your Will

  • If you have not yet written your Will, we suggest you speak to a solicitor who can ensure your estate is handled in accordance with your wishes.
  • If you have already written your Will you can add a Codicil without rewriting the whole Will. This is a short statement that will be read at the same time as your Will, it is important that it is witnessed and then kept with your Will.

Talking to us

If you are thinking of including Buttle UK in your Will and would like to speak to someone about it, or discuss which areas of our work you would particularly like to support, please call Richard Barron, Director of Fundraising and Marketing on 020 7798 6226 or email richardb@buttleuk.org. A Will is an increadibly personal thing, there is no need to tell us that you wish to leave something to Buttle UK. However, if you chose to tell us we are able to thank you and, if you are happy to hear from us, we would be delighted to keep you updated on our work. 

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