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Recently two of our supporters asked for donations to us, instead of wedding presents. Their family and friends gave over £1,000 which we were able to use to help a young person with no family get started in life. You can also donate for other events, birthdays, Christenings, anniversaries and retirement parties! 

We are delighted that you are thinking about Buttle UK for your special occasions. By doing this your guests will be providing a child with a bed who is currently sleeping on the floor, or a cooker for a family in crisis. It is a gift that will make an immediate and lasting impact.

Fundraising Ideas: 

  • Invitations - Highlight the fact you are fundraising on your invitations, giving a little information about Buttle UK so your guests can learn more about the charity
  • On the day collections - Place collection boxes on the tables to encourage guests to give what they can
  • Venue discount - Tell your venue you are raising for charity and see if they will give you a discount on the venue fee, then donate that to Buttle UK!

Fundraising Activities: 

  • Why not hold a sweepstake using Guess 2 Give - These are a fun way of engaging guests and can be done in any way you want!
  • Ask guests to donate every time they wish to request a song 
  • Do a dance-off! Sponsor a couple (or an individual) per minute and see how long they can stay on the dance floor! 
  • Hold a Bingo competition! This can be a really quick and easy way to raise money at the dinner table, charge £1 per ticket and have a prize for the winner! 

If you would like to talk to someone about your special event and giving people the opportunity to give gifts to Buttle UK please get in touch with Gabriele on 020 7798 6231. We are also delighted to provide thank you notelets that you can send to your family and friends after the event.

Remember: If you are fundraising, you can raise an extra 25% of the total amount when people donating confirm they are happy for us to Gift Aid their donation (providing they meet the Gift Aid credentials). If you are hosting an event, simply download the multiple Gift Aid form here and collect people's information and send it back to us so that we can claim!  

Photos by Stu Mayhew and Wikimedia / CC BY

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