Chances for Children Campaign

Do you remember a time in your life when somebody really helped you?

When a small intervention made a big impact on your life?

This is what we do at Buttle UK. 

Frank Buttle witnessed the suffering of many children during his lifetime. He wanted to give them a better future. 

Over 65 years later, this is what we still do.

The last four years have seen the creation of Chances for Children grants, an innovation in the way Buttle UK delivers its grant-giving. These grants, averaging £1,500 in value, are designed to meet the multiple needs of vulnerable children and young people by funding a holistic package of support.  They meet immediate physical needs by paying for household items, such as a cooker or children’s beds, and also meet a child’s longer-term educational and emotional needs, providing things such as course materials and after school activities. 

An economic impact assessment of Buttle UK’s Chances for Children grants found a benefit-to-cost ratio of approximately 6:1 - meaning for every £1 spent on these grants, over £6 of public expenditure savings and additional public revenues could be achieved.  Read the report here.  

Buttle UK launched its Chances for Children Campaign in April 2016, with a goal to raise an additional £10m in five years. The Campaign has recently reached £4m.

Our Chances for Children campaign aims to raise £10 million over the next five years

The Chances for Children Campaign Board:

  • Kate Bird

  • Mandy d'Abo

  • Jill Dinsmore (Chair)

  • David Dinsmore

  • Nicky Dzialak

  • Simon ffitch 

  • William Ladenburg
  • Christina Sorensen Lötter
  • Guy Paterson 
  • Caroline Whiteley
  • Professor Caroline Gipps
  • Joseph Howes - CEO, Buttle UK
  • Richard Barron - Fundraising Director, Buttle UK 

Campaign Advisors: Stephen Bennett, George Westropp, David Long, Mark Anderson.

The Need:

  • The number of children in the UK living in poverty stands at 4.1million and is predicted to get worse.

  • Living without the basic everyday essentials that others take for granted can shatter a child’s or young person’s self esteem.

  • Many of these families also experience domestic abuse, homelessness, addiction and illness  

There is a ripple effect of not having basic household items. If a child doesn’t have a bed they are constantly tired at school but they are also ashamed, this means they never invite any friends home, which increases isolation and reduces self esteem

- Chances for Children Caseworker


Chances for Children campaign Film


All administration costs are covered so you can give knowing that 100% of your gift will go directly to the children you have chosen to support. 

For more information about how you can help, contact Richard Barron, Director of Fundraising and Marketing, on 020 7798 6226 or

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