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We are delighted to be part of the BBC Radio 4 Charity Appeal, raising funds for children in poverty and crisis. Click here to hear Rob Rinder explain how your donations can help, or find out more about our Appeal below.

Anyone who suddenly takes on the care of a child, whose parents were unable to care for them, would find it an overwhelming experience.  However, if you were only just getting by on a low income, meeting the needs of a traumatised child can feel impossible.

These children have likely already been through a dreadful experience. Many of these children have been put in their families care as their parents have suffered from mental health issues or drug or alcohol problems, leaving them unable to care for their children. Many have also suffered the loss of a parent.

Take for example, TremaineErrol and Pasha, who were placed in the care of their grandmother Bev, after watching their mother head down a dark road of drugs and crime.

Bev welcomed them with open arms, but she suffered from ill health herself and was on a low income.

The children were lost and confused, but Bev could not even afford to buy them beds.

Bev's Story

Children like this, in crisis, need a stable base to recover. It is in situations like this that Buttle UK offers Chances for Children grants, providing up to £2,000 to pay for the practical items and activities that children should have, but their parents or carers simply cannot afford.

Estimates based on the latest census indicate there are over 200,000 children in the UK currently living informally with family or friends and 90% of these ‘kinship care’ placements are informal arrangements with no access to support from social services.

We know that kinship care provides a level of continuity, stability, and continuous care that children in the formal care system do not always receive. In fact, 43% of children in kinship care achieve 5 or more A*-C's at GCSE, whilst only 19% of those in formal care achieve the same. 

However, Buttle UK’s own research, published with the University of Bristol, shows most kinship care families live in extreme financial hardship, more than a 1/3 are trying to get by on less than £200 a week. Children in kinship care represented the third largest area for our support in the last year, but we are reaching less than 1% of these children.

In 2020, we have set ourselves the goal to do more.

That is why every penny of your donation, is so important.  

We are delighted that Postcode Children Trust have agreed to match each donation made during the appeal up to a total of £40,000. So any donation made will be worth double.

Helping these children and their carers succeed is an incredibly important investment. A relatively small amount of funds, can give a child in kinship care the stability they desperately need.

  • £35 could provide a child with a month's worth of after school activities
  • £70 could give a child a new school uniform
  • £150 could make sure a child has a bed to sleep in

To discuss this important issue, we have been lucky enough to have Rob Rinder present Buttle UK's BBC Radio 4 Appeal. As a long-time supporter and ambassador for Buttle, Rob has attended countless events and always spoken with passion about the work we do at Buttle, and so it has been a privilege to have him join our appeal and help encourage others to join too. 

Rob Rinder on supporting Buttle UK

Please donate what you can.

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