Each year we give over grants worth over £250,000 to children and young people in Wales.

Our core business in Wales continues to be the provision of small grants. Items such as beds and white goods that have a positive impact on children and young people’s lives. In Wales we also awarded enhanced packages of financial suport to young people who are estranged from their families, but are motivated to remain in training, education or to seek employment. 

These enhanced packages have provided a range of support to help young people transit from a difficult time in their lives to be thriving young adults. Some of the things we have provided include: computers, bus passes, college fees, gym membership, counselling, clothing, white goods, driving lessons, tools and work equipment. In fact, we will consider anything that can help to a young person to succeed.

We are delighted to work with a number of partners to enhance what we are able to offer in Wales.

Fairwood Trust

Fairwood trust has provided funding for a number of the enhanced packages mentioned above. Their support has helped a number of young people including a young single parent who has started training as a Doctor!

Denbighshire Foyer

The Foyer has worked with us now for several years to provide enhanced support to our small grants programme in the County of Denbighshire.

An anonymous trust

A Welsh trust has recently awarded us funding to take forward our Kinship care programme. This is an exciting project for Buttle UK and will provide much needed support to grandparents and other relatives who step in to look after children, when their parents are unable to do so.

Facts Below

19.9% of Children in Wales live in workless houses Welsh Government

1 in 8 people in Wales say it is a constant struggle to keep up with their bills Economic and Social Research Council

26% of Welsh children who are eligible for free school meals achieve five good GCSEs Social Mobility & Child Poverty Commission