Each year Buttle UK gives out over 1,200 grants in Scotland

As in the rest of the UK, Buttle UK's core activity in Scotland comes in the form of our Chances for Children Grants Programme for basic and crucial items for children and their families as well as funding arts, lesuire, educational and therapeutic activities.  However, we have and continue to collaborate on much more going on across the country:


Buttle UK has had a number of partnerships with other funders in the country and manages projects with a particular focus on kinship care:

Cash for Kids

Funding from Cash for Kids has allowed us to provide support to kinship carers in Ayrshire and Glasgow over a two year period. In addition to providing grants to meet material need, Buttle UK has been instrumental, along with the Chair of the Scottish Kinship Care Alliance, in assisting carers to set up support groups, which are key to their ability to negotiate better support from statutory agencies.

STV Children's Appeal

The STV Children's Appeal, which has provided funding to assist kinship carers across the country, but specifically in Dundee, Perth and Kinross, Falkirk and Renfrewshire. 

Big Lottery Fund Scotland

Buttle UK is collaborating on a 5 year project in partnership with Shakti Women’s Aid in Edinburgh.  The project is intended to assist women escaping domestic violence to more readily establish themselves and their children in a safe and reasonably equipped home thereby reducing the pressure to return to the abusive partner.  Funding from the Big Lottery allows us to make awards of up to £1000 towards the cost of white goods, beds and bedding.

In Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire, Buttle UK also assisted with the Connect Project, funded by the Big Lottery Fund's 'Support and Connect' programme.  This funding has allowed us to make awards of up to £1500 to meet immediate material need and also to allow families to access a much wider range of services, including constructive/therapeutic leisure activities for the children.

Using our knowledge

In Scotland, Buttle UK has been able to harness the knowledge gained from our grant making activities to influence those devising policies and making decisions affecting those living in poverty. The Casework Manager in Scotland was one of the original Poverty Truth Commissioners and Buttle UK continues to support the work of the organisation. Buttle UK is also very active in its support of kinship carers in Scotland and the Casework Manager is a Special Adviser to the Scottish Kinship Care Alliance. 

Through working with these groups we have had, alongside families living in extreme hardship, the opportunity to meet with a number of government ministers, civil servants, manifesto writers, statutory agencies and have presented information/evidence to the Parliamentary Petitions Committee and a number of other influential groups.  We have been involved in close consultation with the writers (including then Minister for Children, Aileen Campbell) of the recent Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014, which, for the first time, included a section specifically on kinship care. 

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Key facts

20% of single parent families in Scotland spend more than 10% of their income on household fuel Scottish Government

9% of Scottish families can’t afford a home with separate rooms for boys and girls aged over 10 Economic and Social Research Council

9.7% of Scottish youngsters from the poorest backgrounds go to University, the lowest in the UK UCAS