Over 20,000 children and young people supported through our grants each year

Last year Buttle UK gave out over 13,000 grants in England to children, young people and their families. 

Many of these were common, everday items such as white goods like cookers, washing machines or fridge freezers, or our most frequently awarded item: children's beds. Last year we awarded 2,231 childrens beds in Engalnd alone. 

We offer a contribution towards boarding school fees where there is a strong reason that a child cannot remain in the family home and are otherwise at risk of being taken into care.

We are also able to offer packages of support to young people living without the support of their family through the Graphite Capital Bursary Fund. These packages, as part of our Chances for Children grant programme are for up to £2,000 and are built around the young person’s education, training or employment goals. They also offer support towards setting up a home and their social wellbeing, which are vital factors in helping them to suceed in the future.

Through these grants we also support children who have been subjected to, or impacted by, domestic abuse. Here we focus our support on the young person specifically, and not just the parent who has been abused. These packages of up to £2,000 are available for families throughout the UK.

Key facts

152,910 children living in kinship care in England Estimate based on 2011 census – University of Bristol

69,540 children are looked after by local authorities in England at 31 March 2015 Department of Education

19 months attainment gap between the most and least advantaged children when they start school Department of Education