Emergency essentials

Each year we make over 11,000 grants for essential household items to help some of the most vulnerable children in the UK

In collaboration with our own Small Grants scheme, Buttle UK runs the BBC Children In Need Emergency Essentials Programme. Together they provide swift, direct financial support of up to around £300 for families or young people living in crisis. 

There are thousands of children throughout the UK who do not have their own bed to sleep in, or live in a house without a cooker. Providing basic household items, such as a bed or white goods, gives them things that most of us take for granted, but it also means the family does not have to take on more debt. An appliance we buy for around £250, may cost a family nearer £1,000 if they have to buy it using a payday loan or rent-to-buy company.

When a family is in debt, it affects children directly.  Financial pressure creates stress in the home, and when this happens it is common for children to become anxious themselves and worry about their parents.

Through Buttle UK's extensive network of 5,000 frontline partner agencies we are able to target funds to reach some of the most vulnerable children and young people in the United Kingdom. Investment we have made in the efficiency of our systems means that we can process applications quickly, and without bureaucracy, and get support directly to those children who need it most.

Buttle UK is proud to work in partnership with BBC Children In Need. We are grateful for their on going support, and would like to thank the generosity of everyone who donates through the Children In Need Appeal each year.

Quick Facts

1.4m families in the UK are in problem debt, owing a combined £4.8bn – 2.4m children live in these families Childrens’ Society

36% of the UK population are just one heating bill or broken washing machine away from hardship Oxfam

28,057 Children were helped by Buttle UK last year Buttle UK

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