Domestic abuse

Our support focuses on the needs of children who have been affected by domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse support services traditionally focus on the needs of the parent, but there is a growing recognition that living with abuse leaves children with their own support needs, distinct from those of the parent. 

In addition to witnessing and experiencing abuse, children may find themselves having to flee their homes at short notice and then move around frequently. This causes huge disruption to their life - they may attend several schools in a short space of time.

The children's invisible needs for emotional, psychological and educational support are too often not addressed. Research shows that children and young people who have had to move home because of domestic abuse can experience high levels of anxiety.  This can be mitigated by a good quality new home environment that they feel positive about, as well as support to help them build confidence, self-esteem and integrate into a new community.

Therefore our support is needs led and focused on empowering children, young people and families to identify what they most need to make their transition to independent living a success.

With a holistic package of support our grants can include counselling and activities for children to meet their emotional needs, in addition to the more traditional essential household items such as cookers and children’s beds to meet their physical needs.

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Quick facts

1 in 7 children and young people will have lived with domestic violence at some point during their childhood. Refuge/NSPCC research

30% of domestic violence either starts or will intensify during pregnancy Department of Health

90% of domestic violence incidents in family households happen with children in the same or the next room Hughes, 1992

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