Buttle UK’s COVID-19 response

Updated: 15/09/2020

COVID-19 Direct Emergency Response for Children and Young People Fund

This fund has been established in partnership with The National Lottery Community Fund to deliver £2 million in National Lottery grants to support vulnerable children and young people.

Since April 2020, applications to Buttle UK have more than doubled. We have increased our grants budget, with generous support from the National Lottery Community Fund, Comic Relief and others.

Our Chances for Children grants are, as always, targeted at improving the social and emotional wellbeing of children and young people and their capacity to engage in education and learning. However, grants will be tailored to meet the current and changing needs as the immediate, and longer-term, impact of the COVID-19 crisis becomes clear.

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What are Buttle UK Chances for Children grants?

Individually tailored grants of up to £2,000 for children and young people who have experienced a recent crisis or significant change in life. We can fund items and activities to help improve social and emotional wellbeing and increase capacity to engage in education and learning

Who can make an application?

  • We only accept applications from frontline professionals working closely with the children/young person, who have carried out at least one home visit, and made a full assessment of the children’s/young person’s needs
  • The professional will also need to supervise grant spend, upload receipts and complete an evaluation survey 

Applications must:

  • Have gained consent for the application from the parent/carer/young person
  • Have completed the application with input from the parent/guardian, child/young person
  • Show a clear assessment of the emotional and learning needs of the child/young person 
  • Demonstrate how the items/services applied for would address these needs
  • Show how the grant fits with wider support being provided

Who can we help? 

Children/young people must meet ALL of the following:

  • Be a child or young person aged 18 and under if living with parent/carer, OR 20 and under if living independently with little or no support
  • Have been socially, emotionally and educationally impacted or otherwise negatively affected by their circumstances, such as domestic abuse, estrangement, abuse, neglect or another issue
  • The family/young person must have recently taken positive action to improve their situation, e.g. fled from the perpetrator of abuse; the children have recently moved to live with other family members; parent/carer has engaged with support services to address a specific issue such as drug/alcohol misuse; estranged young person is engaged in education etc. 
  • Be living on a low income and experiencing financial hardship  

All applications are reviewed on their own merit and it is important that applications demonstrate clearly the family situation in line with the criteria. 

Our support is complementary to statutory funding and not a substitute for it. We always expect that statutory funding has been exhausted first.

Who we are unable to help:

  • Children and young people where poverty is the only factor
  • Looked After Children living in foster or residential care  
  • Children and young people who continue to be at risk of abuse, i.e. still living with perpetrator of abuse or where a parent/carer has ongoing alcohol/substance misuse issues etc.
  • Children and young people living or normally residing outside the UK 
  • Where the main reason is disability or ongoing serious illness of a child. Please see other funders such as Family Fund Disability Grants

What do we fund?

We fund holistic packages of support that can include, but not limited to:  

  • Items and activities to support learning and development such as laptops, books, wi-fi, educational toys, tuition etc.
  • Social and leisure activities 
  • Family activities  
  • Items for children/young people’s bedrooms 
  • Other household items that are not available from other sources such as Family Fund or Local Authority scheme, etc.
  • For children who are unable to stay in their family home, we also fund boarding school fees. Please click HERE for more information on Support For Boarding.

Information for support workers applying for a grant

Due to restrictions placed by COVID-19, Buttle UK will only provide funding for community activities that are safely available and accessible in line with current COVID guidelines.  As they begin to open and be offered again, please do include requests for activities in applications.

What we do not fund:

  • Single items
  • Applications requesting mainly household items - please contact Emergency Essentials
  • Debt repayments 
  • Rent and rent arrears. You could approach Vicar's Relief Fund
  • Legal costs 
  • Medical treatment 
  • Car insurance or maintenance 
  • Funding that would create an unsustainable situation for the family/young person (i.e. unaffordable activities or long-term childcare etc.)
  • Items/activities where there is a statutory responsibility
  • Organisation seeking funding for chargeable services they provide themselves

Please remember, we no longer run the Emergency Essentials Fund. If you are looking for a single item please apply here: https://www.familyfundservices.co.uk/emergency-essentials/

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For any other questions, click here for our FAQ's

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