Boarding places

For over 50 years Buttle UK have been supporting vulnerable children to attend boarding school.

For over 50 years Buttle UK has funded boarding school places for vulnerable children.  Some families face serious issues, where parents or carers are struggling to cope and which mean that the child may be at risk of going into care. We believe strongly that boarding can offer an environment where some of these children can flourish. To read more about our eligibility criteria for our boarding grants click here.

You may also have heard of the Boarding Chances for Children Project we sought to run with the Education Endowment Foundation and the Department for Education.  To read more about this click here

To find out more about how to apply for a grant please contact:

Andrew Walters, Grants Development Officer - School Fees
020 7798 6233

Buttle UK are grateful to the following for their support of this area of our work:

Quick Facts

15% of children in care achieve 5 good GCSEs Department of Education

1000 children in care have attended three or more schools within a single academic year Centre for Social Justice

60-70% of children supported by Buttle UK to attend boarding school achieve 5 good GCSEs Buttle UK

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