Beds for Kids

Beds for Kids in collaboration with Dreams Beds and The Sun

Chances for Children and Dreams Beds

Dreams Beds have been Buttle UK’s main bed supplier since 2012 and in that time we have distributed 10,000 beds together. In the last year alone Buttle UK have provided 2,500 Dreams beds to some of the most vulnerable children in the UK.

With help from Dreams Beds and The Sun NewspaperButtle UK's Chances for Children campaign aims to deliver up to 3000 beds to children in financial hardship throughout the UK.

Last year we helped over 10,000 families. Shockingly, in around a quarter of these, a child did not have a suitable bed to sleep in. Last year we had to provide 3,000 beds to these vulnerable children. 

The exact figure of how many children in the UK are without a bed is unknown, but if you apply this to the number of children living in poverty in the UK then the number would be around 400,000.

Children are sleeping on broken, no longer fit-for-purpose beds, sharing with parents or siblings, or in some cases, simply sleeping on the floor. Poor sleep can exacerbate a number of both physical and mental health conditions and make it even more difficult for a child to concentrate at school.

Furthermore, children can be ashamed to invite their friends home, meaning they become isolated and their mental health suffers.

If children of different ages are sharing a bed, it also makes creating a bedtime routine very difficult. The knock on impact of this is increased stress and a lack of sleep for everyone in the household.

From 2006-2016, Buttle UK supplied 13,311 beds to children across the UK. The number of beds supplied has risen steeply in the last 5 years – an increase of 77%. Over 3,000 beds were provided in the last year alone. 

Who can we help:

  • Children aged 20 or under living with parents or carers
  • We are unable to help
  • Children whose care is the responsibility of the local authority.
  • Adults aged 21 and over
  • Parents who are not the main carer for the child
  • Young people leaving care who can access funding under the provisions of The Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000
  • Families and young people who are non-EU residents on a student or work visa
  • Families or young people not normally resident in the UK
  • It is unlikely that a grant will be considered within a 12 month period of a previously successful application.
  • Facing financial hardship alone does not make a client eligible for our support; to be considered they need to be facing additional social welfare issues and suffering deprivation as a result.
  • Social welfare issues could include: domestic abuse, drug/alcohol misuse, estrangement, illness, distress, abuse, neglect and behavioural or mental health issues.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide this programme to residents of Northern Ireland

If your client is not eligible for this funding stream there are others available here.

Please Note: With the exception of our Boarding School Fees Grants, all applications to Buttle UK require a referrer to make the application on behalf of a client. 

Quick Facts

13,311 children's beds provided by Buttle UK from 2006-2016 Buttle UK

10-12 hours of sleep needed by a child aged 5-11 NHS Livewell 2018

44% of families in crisis lack basic material items such as beds, washing machines, or children's clothing Buttle UK