Our endowment

Buttle UK was founded in 1953 with an endowment created by the Reverend Frank Buttle. The value of this endowment was just under £1m at that time and is now worth almost £50m. Buttle UK’s endowment was set up to be permanent. This means the Trustees are required to always balance the needs of future beneficiaries of the fund with current ones. As such it cannot be fully spent but it can be invested to create an income that the Charity spends annually.  

These investments provide us with a little over £1m in income each year.  While this is a significant figure, we know this is not enough to meet the current needs of those children and young people for whom we receive applications.  So, in order to better meet this need, we draw a small amount of additional capital from the endowment each year to spend, which we have received permission to do from the Charity Commission, and we also actively fundraise.

One of the advantages of having an endowment that is set up in this way is that we can use the investment income to cover our administration costs. This means that money received from donors and funders goes straight into grants, and therefore directly to those children and families that need it most.

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