Buttle UK Strategy 2020-2025

Working together for children and young people.

The decision to focus our grant giving efforts on our Chances for Children grants, which includes our support for children in boarding school, has been a significant development for Buttle UK. It has completely transformed our grant giving and affects how we work with others in our sector, our fundraising ambition and our connection with the children, young people and families we support.

Delivering Chances for Children grants since 2018 has shown us there is a considerable demand for broader packages of funding, tailored to the needs of the child, young person or family we are working with.  These grants have been shown to have particular value during the current COVID-19 crisis.

Our current strategy is therefore dedicated to increasing the scale and impact of this work. We will continuously improve these flexible grants to create many more chances for children, offering the kinds of things we would expect any child or young person in the UK to have - no matter what their background - but which so many are currently living without.

Please read our Strategy 2020-25 HERE.

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