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Funding for Estranged Young People

The challenges facing disadvantaged young people in the UK today are enormous, especially for those aged 16+. Cuts to government funding for services, reduced access to support and the squeezed economic climate have all taken their toll.

These challenges are particularly daunting for young people who receive no support from parents or guardians. We refer to them as being ‘estranged’.

They have often found themselves in such situations because their relationships with their family have broken down and they have been kicked out of the family home. Some have suffered abuse from which they have needed to escape. As a result of having nowhere else to turn, they try to live independently and often end up homeless and Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET).

These young people can receive accommodation from the council or homelessness charities but are left with little else to settle them into their new home and get them back on their feet. In these cases, Buttle UK can fund items and services that will enable the young person to help themselves back into education, employment or training and move forward with their lives.


About the Estranged Young People Programme

Buttle UK can help address the needs of these young people by providing funding to enable them to fully access and participate in education, employment or training opportunities. We also help settle them in secure accommodation by contributing to setting up home costs. Through this funding, we are offering a more personalised package of support created in collaboration with the young person and their support worker. This project offers an ‘enhanced’ level of grant award, with a maximum allocation of £2,000 per case.


How the Funding Works

This package of support will particularly focus on three key areas of need:

1.     Support in accessing education, employment and training;
2.     Safe and comfortable accommodation;
3.     Maintaining positive emotional and physical wellbeing.

To make an application, we ask that the young person and their support worker start by discussing what the young person’s education, employment or training goals are and create a plan of how they will get there and what they will need to achieve these goals. Some of the things that we would consider supporting include, but are not limited to, a computer for their studies, travel costs to get to college, equipment to take up a training opportunity or interview clothes.

Research shows that having stable accommodation is a key factor in re-engaging young people with education, employment or training (JRF, 2008). Maintaining positive overall emotional and physical wellbeing are also important to their success. In recognition of these facts, part of our package of support can also include funding toward establishing a comfortable home environment and funding to access interests or activities that help promote a young person’s wellbeing. This could include, but again is not limited to, basic furnishings such as a bed, cooker, fridge or microwave, and access to positive recreational or social activities or groups.


Case Study

Michael was forced to leave home after a falling out with his stepfather. With nobody to offer support and no place to go, Michael was homeless and moved between B&Bs and hostels with no permanent place to stay.

He eventually found a 1 bedroom flat and took up a course in creative media, graphics and animation. He was starting to get his life back on track but some key financial barriers stood in his way.

Buttle UK provided Michael with the essential items necessary for him to study: a laptop, drawing tablet, Photoshop, a year’s Internet connection and laptop insurance, art materials and a carrying folder. Michael also received further funding from Buttle UK to help develop his self-confidence and well-being including gym membership and clothing.

The funding plan also includes a follow up grant the following year to top up his insurance, Internet and art materials.

How To Apply

If you are working with or know someone who could benefit from this funding please click on the link below for our eligibility criteria and application form.

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Graphite Capital

Buttle UK are very grateful to Graphite Capital for their support of this project. Please click here for more details on how their £1m bursary fund will be used.


Case Study*

Sophie, age 17, became an orphan after the sudden death of her father. Her mother died a few years earlier. She continued to live with her older brother, who became her guardian, however he was only 18.

Running a home and being completely responsible for themselves at such a young age was not easy. Sophie was at school and hoped to go to college to study midwifery.

Buttle UK provided Sophie with a laptop, enabling her to complete assignments without having to stay late to use the school library, and a bus pass to get to school. Funding was also allocated to provide clothing, as all the clothes she had were very worn and made her feel self-conscious; gym membership to help her get out of the house and exercise; and a new bed and cooker to help her settle into her new accommodation.


*Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the beneficiary's identity.