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Support for Young People

The challenges facing disadvantaged young people in the UK are enormous.  The recession has been particularly difficult for them, where they have suffered disproportionately from a lack of employment opportunities. 

These young people have in some cases escaped abusive or difficult home lives. In other cases their parents or carers can no long afford for them to live at home.  We are particularly concerned about the support that is available for this group of young people.

With this in mind we are reviewing what support our grant giving should offer the 16+ age group.  We want to ensure that we are reaching those that need our help, and that the support we do offer gives young people the best possible chance of making a successful transition into adulthood.

While we do this we have decided not to take any new applications for the Student and Trainees or Access to the Future programmes.  All existing grantees that are looking for repeat funding from the Students and Trainees programme will still be able to apply until their courses are complete. If you fall into this category, please call us to discuss your progress and next steps on 0207798 6225.

Both these programmes have been hugely significant for Buttle UK. We have had the pleasure of meeting incredible young people who, despite the immense challenges they face, are determined to get the most from education, training and work.  We feel privileged to have been able to help them in their journey.   Both programmes have taught us much that will be applied to our future grant making for the 16+ age group.

Over the coming months we will have more information on funding available to help improve the life chances of the most disadvantaged young people across the UK, so please refer to this page for updates. In the meantime, if you have any emergency material needs, please have a look at our Small Grants page.