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Grant Programmes

Buttle UK operates the following grant programmes:

Small Grants Programme 

Provides essential items for children and young people whose development, health and well-being are at risk. It offers basic items, that we all take for granted but many families in poverty are living without, such as a bed, a cooker, a fridge-freezer or a washing machine.

School Fees Programme

Transforms the lives of vulnerable children (aged 11 and over) by funding places at schools that provide a safe and supportive environment, often for the first time in their lives.  Some children, many because of problems at home, do not thrive in mainstream education, and so fail or drop out of school entirely. Buttle UK enables children with medical, emotional or social difficulties to gain a stable and more supportive secondary education.

Support for Young People

We are reviewing what support our grant giving should offer the 16+ age group.  We want to ensure that we are reaching those that need our help, and that the support we do offer gives young people the best possible chance of making a successful transition into adulthood.