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Small Grants Programme

Buttle UK have recently been upgrading our On-Line Web application form and this has taken longer than anticipated.  Also due to the London office of Buttle UK relocating premises on Monday 15th December 2014 we need to update our Security Certificate for our web-server.  This is in hand however you will not be able to access the system fully without the valid certificate in place.

This will hopefully be resolved shortly.  In the meantime please download a paper application form below, complete it by hand and send it in by post, along with a supporting statement written on your agency headed paper.  Alternatively please wait until Monday 5th January 2015 to complete the application form on-line, as we will be unable to process this application before closing the office on 24th December 2014.  

Buttle UK Caseworkers will be on annual leave from 25th December 2014, returning to work on Monday 5th January 2015.  Buttle UK offices are closed from 25th December 2014 and will reopen on Friday 2nd January 2015 with a limited service.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. 

About the Small Grants Programme

Our Small Grants provide a personal and fast response to families living in crisis, when there is no one else that can help. By paying for basic items such as a cooker, fridge or bed, our grants offer relief from a critical situation. We are proud to also distribute grants through the BBC Children In Need Emergency Essentials Programme.

We work with thousands of voluntary sector and local authority partners across the UK, which enables us to provide far-reaching support for those most in need. These agencies make applications for children and young people experiencing a wide range of issues such as illness, disabilities, behavioural and psychological problems. Other social issues surrounding their family life may include abuse, neglect, domestic violence, homelessness, drug and alcohol dependency and living in severe poverty.

Case Study
The Harper Family

Joanne lives on her own with her two children following the tragic death of her partner, Alex, 2 years ago.  They have all been struggling emotionally since; Joanne has been going to parenting classes to cope with the children’s behaviour, which has been challenging since their bereavement, and also getting some one-to-one support for herself.  

Rosie, the youngest, has gone through a long period of bed wetting and so Joanne needed to buy a new bed for her as the mattress was badly damaged, but with only one income her debts have increased, and she has been unable to afford it.  The state of Rosie's bed meant that the children have been sharing, so the new bed that Buttle UK delivered to them has made a big difference to all of them.

Making an Application

It is important you read the two documents below before submitting an application. They will ensure that your client, and the support they require, meet our criteria. 

Criteria and Guidlines

Frequently Asked Questions

Make an Application