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Report: 4 million families in UK experience domestic abuse

26 March 2012

Almost a million children in Britain are affected

A report today published by the charity 4Children shows the extent to which families in the UK are blighted by domestic abuse in the home.

It reveals the extent of the problem which includes parent-on-parent violence, sibling violence and more increasingly child-on-parent violence.

The report, The Enemy Within, suggests family violence is more widespread than was previously thought and hopes to raise awareness of this problem which has a wide reaching effect on our society.

Buttle UK are familiar with this social problem, 27% of the 10,000 grants awarded by Buttle UK last year related to domestic abuse.

Our Small Grants Programmes is there to help familes across the UK affected by these issues.  Projects and organisations working with families who are trying to establish a new home after experiencing domestic abuse can apply for help with essential items such as a cooker, fridge, beds or washing machine.

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